Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Power of Syukur

Assalamualaikum semua!
missed me,hehehehe

Alhamdulillah, Allah masih pinjamkan nafas ini, nyawa ini untuk terus hidup sehingga kini, syukur sangat Allah telah pilih kita untuk menjadi khalifah di atas muka bumi ini. So saya nak tanya anda, sudah kah anda bersyukur hari ini? The Power of Syukur/Gratitude paling penting dalam hidup tau!!

Ok sekarang saya nak flashback a few years before, ok tak payah a few years, a few months ago, saya ada sedikit masalah kesihatan dan anda tahu apa saya buat!!! i always complains and blaming others for that. i never realize there are so many things i should be really really thankful. Masa tu emosi memang terganggu and pernah terdetik why me? and not someone else. Why i can't be like them? Why i can't do this? so many why, i am too focus on the problems never focus on the solutions. But now i realize everything happens for a reason, takkan bergerak satu zarah pun tanpa izin-Nya.

After a few months my health condition is better, starting a new semester, got new friends tapi masa ini still bajet bagus sangat, dah sedar tapi not fully sedar lah. then Cik Nor sign me up for this one program imkk and Cik Ja paid the fees..Thank you Cik Ja and Cik Nor. Thennnn...Jeng,Jeng,Jeng!!!! The program really wake me up, make me realize, that how ungrateful am i. so memang kena basuh cukup-cukup la dengan our beloved mentor Dr.Azizan Osman. Macam mati hidup semula,macam baru rebirth pun ada.

Macam mana nak cakap ya, You guys must join the program to experience the bestest(tiada dalam kamus,bahasa sendiri) things ever. I start to think more positively and when people complains, dah tak join complain sama-sama dah,hehe..dah start to thing how the problem can be opportunity to me,to benefit me and others and what can i do now when people start complains and giving excuses, i just can pity them because they don't know how beautiful the life is until there are no space for excuses!

ok till then, Assalamualaikum.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egg Tarts


This is the first post of the year and a post after a very,very long time not updating the blog...actually i'm being very,very busy(read this with a serious tone)~tipu...........hahaha, just busy hanging around, new recipes hunting..huhu

Talk about recipes... i actually wanna share a new recipe for me actually..EGG TARTS!!! yummy..i hunting all around Mr. Google to search for the best egg tart..then i come across few recipe regarding the pastry and the egg filling of the egg tart so i combine every method,instructions and tips to make my Ultimate Egg Tart!!!HAHA!!(Astaghfirullah fatin..istighfar byk2)

Yummy! :) sweet and nice egg filling with buttery  pastry

the reason for making egg tarts because nowadays egg tarts are a bit expensive about RM2.50 for 4 pieces..and for my BIG family its totally not enough for us..huhu (sgt sadis) so i determined to make on my own..i assumed it very easy to make just a few eggs..and a pastry..haha and it is really easy to make and really worth it..

The recipe as i mentioned i took from a few blog so i will put links for you to check on your own

  • for pastry click here
  • for the egg filling here
  • for tips i took from here

Egg Tart

Pastry: makes 20 (mine makes more, using medium tart mold)
300g plain flour
2 tbsp custard powder
2 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp sugar
1 egg
200g butter

Rub-in Method (cold butter)
1.     Cut cold butter into small cubes. Combine flour,custard powder, milk powder and mix till combine.
2.      Rub in cold butter,add sugar and mix well. Add beaten egg and mix till well combine
3.     Wrap with cling wrap and refrigerate before use 
4.     Divide the dough equally, about 20g-23g for each mold.
5.     Bake for 10 mins at 160 degrees C

Filling: makes 18 medium tart mold ( just multiple according to how many you wanna make)
30g Caster Sugar
80ml Water
2 Large Egg
40ml Fresh Milk
2 Teaspoon Condensed Milk

1. Boil water with sugar till melted and keep aside till cool. (you can dissolved the sugar in hot boiling water too)
2. Crack the egg in a small mixing bowl, add in fresh milk and condensed milk then gently stir with a whisk till well mixed.(becareful not to over whisk)
3. Add in cooled sugar syrup and stir well.
4. Sift the entire mixture through finest sieve twice to get ride of any egg clusters.
5. Carefully fill the prepared tart shells with egg mixture till the rim. 
6. Bake in preheat 140 degree oven for about 20 minutes or till egg custard achieve the pudding like texture.

Medium size tart mold


  •  Gently and carefully line your tart mold with the cut out dough without over pressing the laminated layers. 
  • The dough pastry may look as if it was too much for the tart mold, but when it bakes, the sides will creep down, so make allowance for that.Poke some holes with a fork in the base of the dough.
  • Preheat your over to 200 degrees C.
  •  Lower the temperature of your oven to 160 degrees C and place the tart shells onto a baking sheet in the middle layer of the oven.
  •  Prebake these shells for about 10minutes or till almost ready. (constantly check through the glass window of your oven to make sure they are NOT already browned!!!)
  • Carefully remove from the oven and let the shells cool down for about 10-15minutes.
  • Lower the oven temperature to 120 degrees C.
  • Using the coffee pitcher, carefully pour in the egg custard mixture till about 2-3mm from the brim of each tart. 
  •  Carefully return these filled tarts to the middle layer of the oven and bake till the custard starts setting.  (Typically, after an initial 5-10 minutes of baking, i will open the door of the oven every 5 minutes to tap/gently shake the baking sheet and observe if the egg custard remains wobbly.)
  • The texture point to stop is to first look out for the egg custard to be that between creme brulee and pudding like.
  • Remove from the oven and let it cool on a cooling rack. (you should observe a nice sheen/gloss on the custard surface)
  •  Start munching already!!!

Recipe from: Small Small Baker, Cuisine Paradise, A Tale of Crumb

Do share with me if you makes some..i'm happy to hear from you :)

Happy Baking people!!
p/s: I'm still waiting for my last first batch while writing this ;) can't wait to eat it hot from d'oven