Friday, June 22, 2012

belated birthday

assalamualaikum!!! long time no see...seriously dah lama tak update..hahaha
what news? nothing just the new old me~huhu, me no longer nineteen~bubye my teenager's age waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ummi also remind me fatin you're no more a teenager, so behave like one~huhu (dush~rasa macam dh kena kat diri sendiri o_O'') yes mummy, i'll be more more immature insyaallah~haha, i'll try my best to be the finest daughter you ever had not to say my sisters r not the best but wanna be d'best amongst them~hehe (payah sila jealous)

so alhamdulillah, my 2nd sem insyallah will end this 15th July with my paper on the 14th July a day before the  last day for exam *so unfair*~hurm...what more? o yeah! before i forgot, wanna congrats my ummi and abah tercinta for their 21st anniversary on 21st of June, may many happy returns, full of barakah ameen..

me wanna cakes like this~please buy me one!! please~~ :)
ok although me don't really eat this cakey cakey things but still me wanna this kind of cupcakes~so cute!!! (memang simpan buat frame) hehehe, so that all, although i'm no longer so called teenager and not really fully adult of course there are still a long journey for me to be a really really matured adult.. i'm still stuck in the middle neither a teenager nor an adult me just a little kid that still need to learn and learn and learn a lot to strive not only for the world but also for hereafter..insyaallah

till then, assalamualaikum! :)
p/s: although classes had end still have some report to send for KI marks..........huhuhu ;P
hoping me will rajin-rajin updating the blog ~hahaha~ (dalam mimpilah jawabnya~hehe) xp 

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  1. there are still a lengthy trip for me to be a really really grew up mature.. i'm still trapped in the center neither a youngster norrs gold