Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mr Shamsul Kamal b. Wan Fakeh & Nur Khazanah Ahmad

with my multimedia lecturer <3
Khazanah Ahmad's website

Friday, June 22, 2012

belated birthday

assalamualaikum!!! long time no see...seriously dah lama tak update..hahaha
what news? nothing just the new old me~huhu, me no longer nineteen~bubye my teenager's age waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ummi also remind me fatin you're no more a teenager, so behave like one~huhu (dush~rasa macam dh kena kat diri sendiri o_O'') yes mummy, i'll be more more immature insyaallah~haha, i'll try my best to be the finest daughter you ever had not to say my sisters r not the best but wanna be d'best amongst them~hehe (payah sila jealous)

so alhamdulillah, my 2nd sem insyallah will end this 15th July with my paper on the 14th July a day before the  last day for exam *so unfair*~hurm...what more? o yeah! before i forgot, wanna congrats my ummi and abah tercinta for their 21st anniversary on 21st of June, may many happy returns, full of barakah ameen..

me wanna cakes like this~please buy me one!! please~~ :)
ok although me don't really eat this cakey cakey things but still me wanna this kind of cupcakes~so cute!!! (memang simpan buat frame) hehehe, so that all, although i'm no longer so called teenager and not really fully adult of course there are still a long journey for me to be a really really matured adult.. i'm still stuck in the middle neither a teenager nor an adult me just a little kid that still need to learn and learn and learn a lot to strive not only for the world but also for hereafter..insyaallah

till then, assalamualaikum! :)
p/s: although classes had end still have some report to send for KI marks..........huhuhu ;P
hoping me will rajin-rajin updating the blog ~hahaha~ (dalam mimpilah jawabnya~hehe) xp 

Friday, February 10, 2012

penat yang belum hilang

pertemuan dan perpisahan
adat manusia biasa
hilang dimata dihati jangan lupa
berdoa agar aman dan sentosa
semoga kelak berjumpa dilain masa 

baru je habis LIBK latihan intensif bakal komander~(latihan mmg intensif abis la kan, kata nk jadi komander)
baru tak la baru sangat habis 5Feb lepas tp hari ni baru nk update~hahaha~(nmpk x penat yg belum hilang lagi kat situ :P )

p/s: activity latest skrg sesi memutihkan muka di rumah xD

Sunday, January 8, 2012

window of my heart

I keep thinking about you, I really miss you & i can't sleep at night at all
0330 by u-kiss

 start to miss every single moments recently
just wanna thank people who had left their footprints in my heart
thanks for everything
the memories will remains forever..InsyaAllah

credit goes to mr google :)
p/s: actually tengah duk gila meroyan nak exam,sempat lg update blog~hahaha :)