Thursday, September 15, 2011

new journey

belas ehsan google

Hello peeps!!!
Fuhhh...glad that orientation week had over.... one thing I have to say this mds is much better than foundation mds...the mds is shorter,the oc is nicer n the places much much more nearer to each other ;) (xde la sakit2 kaki sgt)

Ok enough with mds stuffs, here in this new places, new environment and new people... I still missed kuantan so much~huhuhu, enough fatin~ ok,ok...the hostel is apartment style just like one in sekilau but bigger..we’ve like 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, my room is so for 2, study table in the room, big locker enough to put all my thingy in it some space that make the room looks bigger and for sure the room cost me a fortune -.- around rm420~ @.@ and my house is on the 3 floor~ fuhhhh (lenguh panjat tangga weyh)

Ok about food around here, if padang lalang we’ve arked and sekilau we’ve kedai abg2 and etc here we’ve KANDANG =.=’’ kandang? Stable? (Like hello,ingat kteorg ape lembu kambing ke makan kat kandang) I have no idea why they chose the word kandang for the place that we go to eat seriously why? Whatever la but the food still good although the price is a bit higher..

And for the best part...about going to mall, in kuantan walking about 10-15 minutes we can reach ec and mega but here there is no more walking it's about taking a bus to go to the mall~huhuhu fatin please says bye to shopping,movies,fast foods...huhuhu, when I think from the positive sides, there will be no more short of money if i don’t go to mall often,more time to study (kononnyer la)  

Class around here just nice, it takes me around 5-9minutes (xnk jugak ckp 10minutes kan?~hahaha) to reach there....bigger library, comfortable places all in one big block, lecturer rooms is there, the class is there, the lab is there, the library is there, and we’ve atm machines too(boleh cucuk duit selalu kan?~hahaha)

Ok bye, till then..

p/s; just wanna share some saying...
sometimes being yourself is the hardest thing to do
going along with the crowd may be easy
but being an individual will be more rewarding
don’t make your choices based on crowd
make your choices based on
your feelings..
your values...
& your needs!

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